"What's up? Oh, like Zayn's hair? It's really up, isn't it?
It's all wooooossshhhh"

Seventeen Magazine - November 2014

Against the Conscience (5sos) - Chapter 2

laur4j: Lots of fun with the girls in Brum last night - what a fab pic! (Re-gram from @christinamackenzie ) Great to meet Ed and Harry too:) Fantastic concert @teddysphotos and thanks again @athinaandrelos you beauty xx

Au: You and Ash have your first fight because he’s jealous of Cal

Requested by Anon: “could you do a ashton au meme of having their first argument?”

Request here

Life as We Know It (1D / 5SOS) - Chapter 14

new chapteeeer :)

levvis: it’s my birthday in 19 minutes lol x

If I was 5sos I’d follow me

andre_bartley: I felt so much happier there than I do now.. Haha #topnight but… #thedayafter #ohmy @benjjhe @luke_is_a_penguin

He looks like some 3D animation



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